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19, January

Have What It Takes to do Metal Roofing? Yes You Do!

Attention Shingle Roofers.

Metal Roofing is generally more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, and due to its more exclusive nature, there is less...

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02, November

Create Drama with Exterior Vinyl Cladding

As the holidays approach it’s always great time to cause some drama...

No, not the kind of drama that stirs the dinner table... We’re talking about...

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05, October

Welcome to the new Wimsatt Building Materials Blog!


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13, January

Focus on Fall Protection

In 2015, lack of adequate fall protection was the #1 OSHA violation on job sites.

That's the fifth year in a row! Fall protection continues to be a hot...

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08, September

Selling Gutter Protection

Fall is coming... Well actually, it's here. Along with cider mills, football and other fun fall activities comes the dreaded aspect of fall... The...

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