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07, March

Inspectors to Commercial Roofers: Don't Skimp on R-Value!

Make sure commercial flat roofs meet R30

The current Michigan Commercial Energy Code became effective September 20, 2017 (see this chart for the update...

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21, February

A Little Organization Could Net You a $5K Bonus

Mining Manufacturer Rebate Programs

Let's investigate an often-overlooked way for contractors to make some extra cash this year: manufacturer rebate...

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07, February

6 Tips to Get the Most out of Industry Trade Shows

Construction Industry Trade Show Survival Guide

January through March is Trade Show Season in the building and remodeling industry. If you're a...

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24, January

3 Ways for Roofers To Stay Productive in Winter

Working in the winter has its own unique set of challenges.

Here are three tips for extending the working season through the winter months:

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10, January

3 Ways to Discover a New Competitive Advantage This Winter

Preparing for the next job is a simple part of our routine - how about preparing for the next season?

Being Prepared - For The Job, For The Season


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