3 Ways Builders can earn Higher, More Profitable Sales with Specialty Shingles

The Builder's Path to Higher Profit with Specialty Shingles

With specialty shingles - designer shingles that offer a profile and appearance dramatically different than standard economy laminates - premium home builders have a great opportunity to set their homes apart from competitors while asking a higher price and making more on every sale.

1711-BU-curbappeal.jpgCreate Eye-Popping Curb Appeal. 

Steeply pitched roofs – so popular in new construction – can account for up to 40% of the home’s visible exterior.  Use that to your advantage – specialty shingles will create a dramatic impression that other developments can’t touch.  It can also create a “halo effect” which infers that the quality of materials used and your attention to detail extend to all aspects of the build.


1711-BU-justifydesigns.jpgRationalize Your Other Exterior Design Decisions. 

If you’re using fiber cement cladding, stone, polypropylene shakes, or dark vinyl siding to create distinctive exteriors, why top them off with an entry-level laminated shingle, indistinguishable from the roof on a starter home?  Specialty shingles compliment your other premium exterior materials to create an incredible impression from the street.


1711-BU-command.jpgCommand a Higher Price. 

If a specialty shingle represents a $60/sq increase in cost over an economy laminate, a 40sq roof will have a $2,400 increase in material cost.  The distinctive impression a specialty shingle makes easily allows you to add $5,000 to your asking price – a modest increase providing a healthy margin.


Builders that incorporate specialty shingles into their homes will benefit from increased curb appeal and exterior design harmony with premium materials, which can attract more customer interest while justifying a higher sale price. Close more deals faster and at a higher margin with specialty shingles!


Wimsatt Building Materials is your source for specialty shingles.  We have eight unique offerings from CertainTeed and GAF in stock - CertainTeed Highland Slate, Independence, Belmont, Presidential Shake, Grand Manor, and GAF Camelot II, Grand Sequoia, and Woodland.  With plenty of sales aids at your disposal,  we can provide you with the expertise you need to help close the sale.  Ready to get started?  Ask your Wimsatt Salesperson about Specialty Shingles today!

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