3 Ways to Sell SBS Shingles for a Long Lasting Roof

Educate, Establish Expertise, and Win More Profitable Jobs

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically impacted remodeling activity this year.  Uncertainty surrounding a possible resurgence of the virus may impact business this fall as well.  One way to protect your profits is to look for ways to increase your close rate as well as the profitability of the jobs you sell, and SBS shingles present a great opportunity.  For many people, their home is their most important asset.  It’s their largest investment, and it protects their family and belongings.  This year, homeowners have spent more time at home than ever before.  You can demonstrate how, for a moderate investment over the cost of traditional shingles, SBS shingles can perform better and longer over the life of the roof to help protect their home.

What does SBS mean?  A Longer Lasting Roof.

1. Explained Simply: SBS = SPF.

sbs-granule-retention-wimsattSBS is the next generation of shingle technology, and many manufacturers have introduced new shingles featuring an SBS-modified formula. SBS stands for Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene, but that doesn’t mean much to your homeowner prospects (...unless they happen to be chemists!). Rather than tripping over industry terms, one of the easiest ways to relate the value of SBS Shingles to homeowners is to to compare it to sunscreen. Just like high-SPF suncreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, SBS shingles’ formula retains granules, which are the suncreen of your roof. No more granules in the gutter - SBS keeps them where they belong: on your shingles, protecting them from UV degradation and early failure!

2. SBS Has the Flexibility to Withstand Midwestern Freeze-Thaw.


SBS shingles have a rubber-like flexibility that also protects them from the Midwestern freeze-thaw cycle.  Over time, standard shingles become brittle and crack as they weather our climate extremes.  The rubber composition of SBS shingles helps them withstand the change of seasons year after year.  If you bring a standard shingle and an SBS shingle into a sales call, it's remarkably easy to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of SBS.  Most manufacturers also provide samples that can help you further demonstrate how SBS technology works, and our Inside Sales Representatives are happy to provide you with sales tools to help you tell the story.

3. SBS Provides Unmatched Durability.

atlas-sbs-wimsatt-testing-tough-1SBS shingle technology actually traces its roots back to manufacturers' efforts to solve for a challenge that plagues coastal and tornado-prone regions: Impact Resistance from damaging hail and storms.  The industry's highest impact resistance rating is achieved with a Class 4 UL 2218 Impact Resistance test, in which a 2-inch steel ball is dropped from 20 feet on the roof system.  Shingles that have no splits or tears after this test earn a Class 4 rating.  Most traditional shingles will crack from this force, but manufacturers could achieve Class 4 impact resistance with shingles manufactured with SBS technology.  Many SBS shingles were introduced in southern and coastal regions, and were marketed primarily for their impact resistance in these markets.

The Support You Need to Sell SBS With Confidence.

At Wimsatt, we saw the advantages of this technology and how it would apply in the Midwest early on, and we were the first to bring them to market here with GAF Timberline Armorshield II back in 2016.  CertainTeed developed NorthGate and launched it out west initially; when it became available in our market in 2017 we immediately brought it into stock.  Owens Corning introduced Duration Flex in 2019 and most recently, IKO introduced Nordic SBS shingles in the spring of 2020.  You'll find all of them in stock at Wimsatt Building Materials, where we strongly believe that SBS is the future of Shingle Technology. 

  • SBS Shingles On Display in our Showrooms
  • Sample Boards & Literature Available For Your Use - including samples that compare SBS to standard shingles and demonstrate their flexibility and durability
  • Knowledgable Inside Sales Representatives ready to support your sales efforts and assist your clients in making product selections

With 40 options available, your client doesn't have to sacrifice aesthetics to enjoy the benefits of next-generation roof protection:

Here are the SBS shingles we have in stock at Wimsatt:



StormMaster Shake

Black Shadow
Copper Canyon
Hearthstone Gray
Highland Brown
Majestic Shake
Morning Harvest
Silver Stone
Weathered Wood




Burnt Sienna
Georgetown Gray
Heather Blend
Moire Black
Resawn Shake
Silver Birch
Weathered Wood



Timberline Armorshield II

Pewter Gray
Weather Wood




Castle Grey
Frostone Grey
Granite Black
Shadow Brown



Duration Flex

Antique Silver
Desert Tan
Estate Gray
Onyx Black

Incorporating SBS Shingles into your sales process can:

  • Establish your expertise with the homeowner
  • Differentiate your company from competitors that don't offer SBS
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase your profitability

Talk to an SBS expert at your  local Wimsatt Branch today!

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