Add Stone to your Exteriors - No Mortar Required!

Accenting Exteriors with the Bold Look of Stone

In the last few years, we've seen a trend towards increased used of mixed materials and colors on residential exteriors. Many new construction homes have a combination of lap siding, board and batten, shake, and/or stone. The look of stone in particular has been a popular accent for builders and remodelers looking to craft a premium exterior. Whether used as a kneewall application or as a full facade, manufactured stone compliments other premium exterior cladding products to create eye-popping curb appeal.

1806-Modern-Stak-Chablis-ProductWhile manufactured stone creates an incredible look, the challenges with installation can be a barrier to entry for remodelers and builders. Manufactured stone typically requires specialized tools, masonry skills, and knowledge of moisture management techniques to install. If you don't have those tools and skills in-house, you'll have to sub the work out - increasing cost and job complexity. Working with mortar also requires favorable weather conditions. These requirements might discourage builders and siding contractors from incorporating stone into their proposals, when they can just focus on more familiar siding materials like vinyl or fiber cement.

Builders that want to achieve a stone look without the masonry work have traditionally relied on polypropylene or PVC products that look like stone but go up like vinyl siding. While significant advancements have been made in the appearance of these types of products over the years, one touch tells you it's not real stone.

1806-waypost_cornerGoing Mortarless: Exploring Stone that Hangs Like Vinyl


There are alternatives available that can help builders achieve the look and feel of real stone, without relying on masonry techniques. Waypost Stone by Boulder Creek features manufactured stone affixed to a galvanized attachment flange, creating a panel that is hung similar to vinyl by screwing to framing members. The required structure isn't anything out of the ordinary; 2x4 studs 16" on center with 7/16 OSB sheathing and two layers of protective barrier are sufficient. The panel features a groutless profile and integral drainage plane, and the uniform size makes measurement and planning a snap. End and top pieces will most likely need to be trimmed to size, and this can be accomplished with a saw equipped with a masonry or diamond blade. All the components of the Waypost system, from outside corner panels to inside corner trim and sill pieces, go up the same way as the main panel for ease of installation. It's easy to get the "hang" of!

Waypost helps siding installers offer natural, authentic looking stone without involving masonry work. All it takes is the familiarity with basic construction principles that siding crews already have. You don't have to be a masonry contractor to feature manufactured stone accents as an option on your proposals - consider adding Waypost to your exteriors offering!


For more information on Waypost Stone, visit, or watch this 5 minute install video:




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