Asphalt Shingles on Allocation

COVID-19 Impact on Shingle Manufacturers

Dear Valued Wimsatt Customer:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected plant capacity at our shingle manufacturers, resulting in many shingles going on allocation.  This means that demand exceeds supply, and that supply will be limited by plant capacity.

Today we received notice that CertainTeed is putting Landmark, Landmark PRO, and NorthGate shingles on allocation.  They are focusing production on priority colors, impacting availability well into February.  In addition, we have recently received notifications from several other manufacturers regarding shingle availability:

  • Atlas has implemented an Inventory Management Plan, ceasing availability of non-core colors as well as all StormMaster Shake until lead times are back in reasonable time frames
  • Owens Corning has implemented a Planned Availability Program, where shingle availability is limited based on a weekly plan until supply & demand are in better balance 
  • TAMKO has temporarily ceased production of certain colors to be able to meet demand for high-volume colors

We anticipate that these asphalt shingle supply challenges will continue well into 2021. To mitigate the effects of these challenges, we recommend that you:

  • Be mindful of selling less popular shingle colors
  • Secure your orders ASAP to ensure adequate supply
  • Prepare for the prospect of discussing potential substitutions to complete projects

Please contact your Wimsatt Territory Manager or Branch Manager with any questions.    



Robert G. Hoffman
President and COO

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