Create Drama with Exterior Vinyl Cladding

darkvinyl2As the holidays approach it’s always great time to cause some drama...

No, not the kind of drama that stirs the dinner table... We’re talking about exterior vinyl cladding. Similar to a deep cherry wood, dark colors createa dramatic or luxury feel. The same logic applies when you consider a home’s exterior. Dark vinyl colors stand out from the ordinary blues and tans.

We all know the pressure of making your home just right for all your guests. So this is a great time to sell your client on updating their exterior. Try a good, better, best approach when you sell your exterior cladding! 

The options. Oh the options... There are many dark vinyl options available to you through manufacturers like CertainTeed, Mastic Home Exteriors and Royal Building Products. Dark colors cost from only cost $12/sq - $15/sq more than traditional lighter vinyl siding colors. Increased competition coupled with a labor shortage may put pressure on your sales pipeline this year - up-sellingdark colors on your bids is one way to increase your sales and earn more profit on the jobs you win! So don't wait til there is snow onthe ground! The holiday season is officially upon us. Use it to your advantage to get a dark vinyl job!


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