Focus on Fall Protection.

In 2015, lack of adequate fall protection was the #1 OSHA violation on job sites.

That's the fifth year in a row! Fall protection continues to be a hot topic in the construction industry. Statistically, falls are one of the top serious injury and fatality causes in construction. Fall injuries and deaths are completely preventable with proper fall 


protection. We all want to believe "It won't be me, I'm cautious." But falls are the leading cause of death in work related accidents. Using proper fall protection will prevent you and your family from devastation. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a rookie- using fall protection is the law.

Crew members are not the only ones that need to be aware of the dangers and implications of not using fall protection... Keeping a safe workplace isa requirement for employers. Your livelyhood and business could be in danger if you do not comply with MIOSHA regulations.


MIOSHA penalties for safety violations have recently almost doubled. AVOID THESE FINES. Join us at the Lakeshore HBA in Holland, MI for more information on keeping a safe job site. Make sure you’re safe and make sure you are in compliance by attending this hands-on interactive seminar led by MIOSHA’s Jim Getting. Werner Fall Protection will also be on-site to discuss proper equipment technique.


We care about your safety... And that's why we teamed up with The Lakeshore HBA and OSHA to put on a fall protection clinic and lunch! At the clinic you will learn...

  1. How to properly adjust your harness

  2. How to move from one anchor point to another

  3. Complete fall protections systems for different situations


Thursday, Nov 3rd

HBA Lakeshore
211 Lincoln Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

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