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Fall is coming... Well actually, it's here. Along with cider mills, football and other fun fall activities comes the dreaded aspect of fall... The actual leaves most of us have to take care of.

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While there isn't much to do about the leaves that fall onto the ground, we can stop those leaves from infiltrating our gutters! Now is the time to promote this product on your next roof bid! To explore the opportunity of selling gutter protection we interviewed gutter protection expert David Chapp of Mastic Home Exteriors.

Q: Is gutter protection just for gutter installers, or can roofing and siding contractors be successful selling and installing gutter protection?

A: Gutter Protection has evolved from simple, ineffective gutter screens to highly sophisticated and effective gutter covers. Today's assortment of gutter products are not just add-on sales for Gutter installers. Today's retrofit gutter systems install in minutes and there are a variety of products out there with varying performance qualities, and it makes sense for installers to suggest the sale.

Leaf Relief Mastic Wimsatt

Q: Why is gutter protection a viable up-sell on a roofing or siding job? 

A: Fall and Spring is when the homeowner really realize that it is something that needs to be done, and is an easier sale. Many contractors are developing a service aspect to their business to help grow their business and margins, and the best thing about gutter protection is that you can sell it before a job starts, during the job, and even months after the job is over. You can even use it as a means to re-establish contact with your customer base as a service. Siders and Roofers are typically the leading salesman of gutters, as they are the ones repairing issues caused by poor ventilation and poorly designed gutter systems.

I was on a sales call the other day with a contractor. He had just finished the roof and was collecting the last check. I looked at the homeowner and asked why he had not done the gutters and he looked at me and asked why? I showed him the staining on his gutters where they were overflowing and in five minutes the contractor had added a $1,800 gutter and gutter protection job. Yes, it can be that simple. Look for stains, warped gutters, busted seams, loose gutters. Stains, dirt, heavily wooded surrounding, and trees in gutters are tell tale signs of clogged gutter potential and can lead to add-on gutter cleaning fees, and help sell gutter protection or even a gutter job.

.Leaf Relief ExampleQ: Discuss some objections that homeowners might pose regarding gutter protection, and how a salesperson might overcome them.

A: My suggestion to contractors is establish expectations on gutter guards at the start. It amazes me what people think gutter protection does. I have had people think that gutter protection will remove leaves out of their roof valleys, clean themselves off, get rid of ice dams, stop water from getting gutters wet in a rain storm, and more. Explain clearly that it is simply to keep debris from impeding water flow out of your gutter so that it overflows.

Customers also look for some type of reassurance, (i.e. warranty on product and performance). Leaf Relief made by Ply Gem, offers a 25 year performance/material warranty where Leaf Logic (20 year performance/material) and Leaf Smart (5 year material) as well as most Leaf guards offer a material warranty.

Q: Any parting thoughts for contractors?

A: Statistically 10% of all new gutter installed in a given year have a gutter guard installed at time of installation. To date we have had our installers install over a "100 million feet." There is a huge market out there waiting to be covered, try selling a job today.

David Chapp Mastic Territoy Manager

David Chapp and fellow Mastic Territory Manager Greg Burbridge cover the Michigan market for Mastic with a combined 50 years of building material experience. Together they help train dealers in selling, installing, and designing with Mastic and Ply Gem products, and also work with contractors to help them grow their business profitably through programs, training, and market insight.




Wimsatt Building Materials stocks Leaf Relief, Leaf Logic, and Leaf Smart gutter protection products from Ply Gem.  Stop by your local Wimsatt branch to learn more about the opportunity to sell gutter protection to homeowners!


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