As a remodeling or building professional, you probably have several sales tools to help you pitch a project to homeowners.

Product literature and sample boards from the manufacturer are a nice start, but what if the homeowners want to view the product installed or see more options?  Don't have a showroom of your own?  No problem!  You can...

Use Your Distributor's Showroom to Close the Sale

If your distributor has invested in building a pro showroom, then you can use that space to demonstrate products to
homeowners in a professional atmosphere.  A well-lit, attractive showroom with installed displays can be a huge asset in helping homeowners make product selections by conveying product depth and presence in a way no brochure or sample can. Seeing large installed displays can help eliminate risk for the homeowner and affirm buying decisions.

A true pro distributor partner doesn't offer installed sales or pursue retail business; they are vested in your success.  When this is the case, they are likely to have a salesperson on hand to help you answer product questions and lend credibility to your company.  Put your distributor's salespeople to work helping you sell - they should be happy to help, because when you succeed, so do they!

Seeing products installed on a wall or mock roof makes a big difference versus looking at samples or product literature, but sometimes even that is not enough.  Here's another opportunity where you can lean on your distributor for assistance - if a homeowner wants to see a particular color or style of product installed on a house, your distributor should be happy to look up deliveries of that product in the area and refer a few addresses for your homeowner to check out.

Of course, your distributor can always be relied on to provide the tried-and-true product literature and samples - but if they have a professional showroom, consider putting it to work for your company during the sales process.  It could help you close more sales!


Wimsatt Building Materials has a professional showroom at each of its locations and does not pursue retail business.  Wimsatt's salespeople are happy to answer homeowner product questions and refer them back to the contractor for pricing and installation.

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Dave Karras

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