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Attention Shingle Roofers: Opportunity is Calling.

Tom Pantzer provides contractor training and education for DECRA in Michigan.

Metal Roofing is generally more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, and due to its more exclusive nature, there is less competition as well.  This means that you can make more profit on every roof job you sell with metal.

You might think that metal roofing is too outside your wheelhouse and requires special tools or skills that make it a hassle to consider offering.  That's not necessarily the case... this week we sat down with Tom Pantzer of DECRA Roofing Systems to discuss how easy it can be to begin selling and installing steel panel roofing systems.

Why should a shingle roofer consider offering steel panel roofing, and what steps do they need to take to become an installer of steel panel roofing systems?

  • Tom Pantzer provides contractor training and education for DECRA in Michigan.

     It's an attractive alternative to a commodity product.  It gives the contractor another option for those homeowners tired of replacing their shingles and never wanting to have an asphalt shingle roof again.

  • Panels don't have to have the standing-seam look; this provides the home owner the many benefits of metal roofing with the look of something more traditional.

  • Installing DECRA is comparable to installing a standard metal roof.  The flashing methods are virtually the same across these roofing types.  If you have any experience with standing seam metal roofing this should be a natural progression.

  • Our XD line is a direct to deck metal roofing installation, this means the roofing materials install directly to the roofing deck without the use of a batten or furring strip.  That's metal roofing that installs very much like siding;  The fasteners used to install this product remain hidden as the panels will install from the eave to the ridge, interlocking and covering the screws of the previous panel.  Because of the design of this gorgeous panel, there is no need for any expensive special tools to complete the install.  A contractor should have everything they may need to install the XD products right in their existing tool boxes.

How do you upsell to a homeowner that has not previously considered metal roofing?

DECRA Shake XD in Antique Chestnut: metal roofing that installs like siding

DECRA Shake XD in Antique Chestnut: metal roofing that installs like siding. You do it by educating the home owner to the benefits and beauty of the materials while showing them ways to save in the process.  In most states the home owners may qualify for insurance savings due to the benefits of the durability.
  • Energy bills will see some improvement as the air conditioner does not need to work as hard to keep your home cool.

    You will replace an asphalt roof 2-3 times before the need to address a stone-coated metal DECRA roof.   There is peace of mind knowing that you will have very little maintenance and a lifetime of protection, which goes a long way towards reducing stress as your neighbors are replacing their asphalt roof... again.

There are a lot of metal roofing options out there.  DECRA is unique with its stone-coated steel panels.  What are the advantages?

DECRA Shingle XD in Old Hickory: steel panel roofing isn't limited to traditional metal roofing aesthetics

DECRA Shingle XD in Old Hickory: steel panel roofing isn't limited to traditional metal roofing aesthetics

DECRA is not the old metal roofs you are used to on barns and commercial buildings.  Our materials give you the benefits of being a lightweight, long-lasting, high-performance roofing solution.

  • This durable material has the highest rating given by UL for hail and fire.

  • It is energy efficient due to the open air space between the roofing materials and the roof decking.

  • It has an rich and attractive stone coating that makes it hard to distinguish from a more traditional roofing material and provides natural weathering and sound damping qualities. Painted metal is very similar to a truck hood, DECRA is more like a spray in truck bed lining.

  • A lifetime limited transferable warranty makes DECRA Roofing Systems one of the best roofing options in the market today.

Parting Thoughts... 

Metal Roofing installation training provided by DECRA and Wimsatt

If you're familiar with basic roofing and siding systems, you can get started selling and installing metal roofing today with DECRA XD products.  It's not too far outside your comfort zone!  And it can help you differentiate your company, win more jobs, and earn higher profit on those jobs.

Wimsatt is ready to help you get started.  We're hosting two installation seminars with DECRA in February that are FREE to attend, but space is limited.  RSVP today on our events page!  DECRA also has a Jump Start Promotion for new users in 2017 that can earn your company thousands of dollars in rebates as well.  It's never been a better time to try steel panel roofing!


Tom Pantzer has been with DECRA Roofing Systems since 2013, working with contractors and distribution.  DECRA offers support through a number of regionally-based sales managers offering sales and training support.  We also have a product trainer and can organize training for a contractor and his crew.

Wimsatt Building Materials stocks DECRA Shingle XD and DECRA Shake XD metal roofing products.

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