Can You Earn $500 More Profit on a Roof with SBS?

Winning a Challenging Season By Increasing Profitability

This year, our industry’s biggest challenge has swung from a labor crisis to a health crisis as we all grapple with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Last year, sales opportunities were limited by how much work available labor could produce… now it’s limited by muted demand as property owners and home buyers conserve their resources in light of economic uncertainty.

For our industry, COVID-19 poses the same question that the labor shortage did: how do we succeed given the limited sales opportunity?  One way to do this is to increase the profitability of the sales you win.  For roofing contractors, SBS shingles present the greatest opportunity to do so... by as much as $500 per job!  See below...

Standing Out From the Crowd to Win More Jobs

The flexibility and granule retention characteristics of SBS shingles have made them an attractive performance upgrade here in the Midwest for homeowners that don't want to put on another roof.  It makes for a great sales demonstration too - allowing homeowners to flex an SBS shingle side-by-side with a standard shingle makes a powerful impression.  Showcasing the performance of SBS shingles demonstrates your expertise and helps differentiate your company from competitors.  You’ll have prospects thinking, “why didn’t the other guy show me this…?”  You’ll stay top of mind, and this could help you win more jobs even if the client doesn’t choose SBS.

3 Ways to sell SBS Shingles for a long lasting roof

Increasing your Profit Opportunity with SBS

SBS shingles install the same way traditional economy laminates do, so there’s no increased installation cost or training for your crews.  Depending on the SBS shingle you offer, your material cost increases by $30-$35/sq relative to its economy laminate counterpart.  If you sell SBS shingles as a $50/sq upgrade, that could increase your profit by $20/sq… that’s $500 on a 25sq roof!  




Wimsatt stocks over 40 SBS shingles from five different manufacturers.

We are happy to provide samples, literature, and education to demonstrate the advantages of SBS shingles to your clients.


 Storm Master Shake 

Black Shadow


Copper Canyon

Hearthstone Gray

Highland Brown

Majestic Shake

Morning Harvest


Silver Stone


Weathered Wood




Burnt Sienna


Georgetown Gray

Heather Blend

Moire Black


Resawn Shake

Silver Birch

Weathered Wood



Timberline Armorshield II




Pewter Gray




Weather Wood






Castle Grey



Frostone Grey


Granite Black


Shadow Brown



Duration Flex 

Antique Silver


Desert Tan


Estate Gray

Onyx Black





Ask your Territory Manager about SBS shingles today!



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