Celebrating 30 Years with American Wholesale

Much like the challenges you face in differentiating yourself to your prospects, we too must set ourselves apart by the experience we provide. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, and rely heavily on the talent that represents us, to provide an experience second to none.  It's not easy being one of the few independent, family-owned building material distributors in Michigan and Northern Ohio. To continue our success, we must execute three things – we must hustle harder than our competitors, be hungrier than our competitors, and be smarter than our competitors. For us, it’s not about being the biggest, it’s about being the best.

American Wholesale Branch Locations across the US and CanadaThe "best" is always a moving target, and it's not something we measure just by the experience provided by our local competitors. Wimsatt Building Materials is a proud member of American Wholesale, an association of like-minded independent distributors serving the U.S. and Canada. With 22 member companies comprised of 600 branch locations nationwide, we assemble best practices and industry resources on the scale of a national distributor while leveraging continual innovation, local expertise, and personal relationships.

Our History

American Wholesale was founded in April of 1986 by independent distributors across North America as a best practices sharing organization.  What does that mean exactly? The peer network at every functional area of each company allows each leader in their area to shorten adoption time of good ideas as well as learn from other companies’ experiences to avoid repeating something that does not work so well.  There are 8-10 best practices meeting held every year, which continue to be the foundation of the group. This year, Wimsatt is celebrating our 30th year as a member of American Wholesale, with Bob Hoffman serving his 4th term as a director of the organization.

Best Practices Crane Training

Our Philosophy

As a member-owned cooperative, finding mutually beneficial solutions drives the activities of every American Wholesale member. At our core, we are a network of local businesses deeply committed to the communities we serve. By aligning our collective strengths, investing in training and development, ensuring open lines of communications and sharing market intelligence and best business practices, we deliver true value to our professional customers.

Our Keys to Success

The driving force for our success is the strong and mutually successful relationships we’ve assembled with leading building materials manufacturers, with our fellow American Wholesale members and with our valued contractor customers. It's truly a win-win-win!

Wimsatt's growth - from one location with 13 employees in 1983 to eight locations with three hundred employees today - has been fueled by our membership in American Wholesale. It's been a key instrument in helping us refine the Gold Standard in Exterior Building Materials and define what it is to be "the best"!

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Dave Karras

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