Early Adopters of Exterior Opportunity

This year, CertainTeed is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cedar Impressions, the polymer exterior cladding panel that revolutionized the siding industry by capturing the authentic look of wood shingles back in the early nineties. 


The occasion marks an opportunity to reflect on our continued commitment to support your sales of premium exterior building products. Looking back, we recognized the opportunity in polymer shakes and became an early adopter – bringing Cedar Impressions into stock and introducing it in the following year's spring catalog to builders and remodelers as an opportunity to enhance their exterior designs with distinctive, higher-margin products. And our investment in premium exterior product sales wasn’t limited to polymer shakes, either; we were also stocking specialty and luxury shingles like CertainTeed Independence, Grand Manor, and GAF Slateline, as well as selling premium Andersen wood windows and patio doors.

3 Key Reasons Premium Exterior Products are Important to Your Offering:

  • OC_PPC_cntrcplseatd__t8-1.jpgYou position your company as an expert in premium exteriors, while your customer is thinking about curb appeal and making their home stand out.
  • Higher total sales and higher profit result from premium products that cost more than standard/economy products and are less competitively shopped. 
  • Providing choices can help you win more jobs.  When you present premium products as the "best" option in a good-better-best selling scenario, you give your client the opportunity to choose what will work best for their budget.  Even if your customers go with "good" or "better" 90% of the time, your "best" option still helps position your company and win the job.  And the 10% of the time they go for the premium offering... well, that's icing on the cake!

0800-CedarImpressions.jpgA Commitment to Premium Exteriors.

Fast forward to 2017, and our commitment remains the same. As new opportunities in premium exterior building products arise, we continue to evaluate them and bring them to your attention when we find something worthy of your exterior products portfolio. Our stock offering of premium exterior products has grown considerably over the years: Eight stock styles of specialty and luxury shingles, four stock shingles formulated with next-generation SBS technology, dozens of dark colors in vinyl siding, polymer shakes, prefinished fiber cement siding, composite decking, and more.

The Brands Your Customers Want.

160613_SA_2597.jpgTake a look at the premium exterior products available in our product catalog for more inspiration on how you could expand your offering to delight customers and differentiate your company. From stone coated steel roofing from DECRA and Cedar Impressions polymer shakes from CertainTeed to composite decking from Trex, we have the premium brands your customers want in stock, along with the samples, literature, and displays you need to complete the sale.

We're eager to help!

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