Creating Incredible 2-Story Outdoor Living Spaces

Happy family at a lake in the countrysideMichigan is famous for its incredible Great Lakes coastline, but did you know that Michigan boasts more than 11,000 inland lakes? That’s a lot of waterfront property, and a lot of opportunity for the remodeler or decking contractor that wants to elevate their decking game. Waterfront property owners tend to have more disposable income and place a higher value on their backyard outdoor living spaces. The same can be said for our many golf course, gated, and luxury communities - they’re all ideal prospects for a premium deck, helping to make Michigan one of the top 10 decking markets in the U.S.!

Trex ElevationsYou’re probably already familiar with the advantages of premium composite decking products like Trex Transcend – ultra low-maintenance, easy-clean surfaces; ageless beauty and hidden fasteners; fade, stain, scratch, and mold resistance. These features come at a price; composite decking costs more than traditional treated wood and cedar decks. If you have a client that appreciates these benefits and wants a premium composite deck - especially one that creates a two story living space - you should consider if they’re also a good candidate for Trex Elevations.

Elevations is a steel deck framing system that replaces the traditional treated lumber undercarriage with a steel substructure. Its incredible strength and dimensional stability keeps the deck flat and level, enables cantilevers and dramatic curved deck designs, and creates longer spans for fewer posts and less obstructed views. These characteristics make it an ideal system for long, large decks and two-story outdoor living spaces. Think about that under-deck patio– Elevations can allow you to design a deck with fewer posts, taking up less precious real estate in the under-deck living area.

Designing and installing an Elevations steel deck framing system is different than traditional deck framing, but Trex provides several resources online to guide you through the process.

1804-Elevations-DiagramLike Transcend, Elevations is a premium product and costs more than treated lumber. But for the right client, its consistent dimensions and ability to enable incredible designs will be well worth the price. By broadening your offering to include Elevations, you differentiate yourself while creating the opportunity to make more on the sale and add an incredible outdoor living space to your portfolio.

Wimsatt stocks the components of Trex Elevations, and our salespeople are happy to help you with your Trex deck proposal. Ask us about Elevations today!

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