How Delivery Professionals are an Extension of Your Brand

Your reputation starts with a first impression.

When you select Wimsatt Building Materials as your supplier for a project, we understand that we’re typically the first post-sale interaction that your customer has with your company.

Rooftop DeliveryAs custodians of that first impression, we know that your client’s material delivery is a crucial point of contact. When a homeowner decides to replace a roof, remodel an exterior, or build an addition, that’s a big investment in what’s likely their largest and most important asset. It can be a stressful process to select the right contractor for the project. You’ve demonstrated the quality of your work and provided references to show the homeowner that you’re the right contractor for the job. But after the contract is signed, how are they assured they’ve made the best choice?

Your material supplier can either reinforce or cast doubt on their decision.  That’s why, when it comes to our delivery service, we are very mindful of our responsibility:

basc-risk2As an extension of your brand, we’re proud to represent your company with our material delivery service.

By providing the most professional experience possible - our Gold Standard - we set your customers at ease and set your crews up for success.

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Wimsatt Building Materials

Wimsatt Building Materials is a distributor of quality steep slope & low slope roofing, exterior cladding, windows & doors, and specialty building materials. We serve builders and contractors with our gold standard in service from eight locations across Michigan and Northern Ohio.

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