WimsattDirect Now Works with HOVER!

Get Discounted HOVER Measurements and Convert Them to QuickOrders on WimsattDirect

We're excited to announce that you can now use HOVER measurements and send them to the WimsattDirect Customer Portal! HOVER transforms smartphone photos into beautifully rendered and fully measured 3D models of any home. (If you haven't tried it out yet, click to learn why more and more exterior contractors are switching to HOVER.)  Now, Wimsatt customers can connect their HOVER accounts to WimsattDirect to streamline their workflows and save time & money with discounted pricing and one-click ordering from measurements!


Discounted HOVER Pricing on your Wimsatt Account

With our new partnership, customers can generate HOVER measurements and have them billed at a discount to their Wimsatt account. After connecting your HOVER account in WimsattDirect, simply click the Get Capture Request button on the HOVER page (Orders > HOVER). The HOVER job will get loaded onto your HOVER app ready to measure, and will be billed to your Wimsatt account at a discount.

Turn HOVER Measurements into Material Lists in One Click

When a HOVER measurement is complete, you can press the QuickOrder button next to it to create a material list and load it into your QuickOrder Form in a single click! This saves time and effort with consistent material calculations based on your product and ordering preferences. Note, you can take advantage of this feature even if you don't order HOVER reports on your Wimsatt Account, for instance if you use another HOVER program such as GAF e360 instead.

HOVER Welcome Screen

Getting Started: Connect Your HOVER Account to WimsattDirect

To get started, you'll need to have a HOVER account set up and connect it to your WimsattDirect portal account.

  1. Get the HOVER App
    1. Already have a HOVER, GAF e360, or HOVER | James Hardie program account? Great! Skip ahead to step 2.
    2. Don't have a HOVER account yet? It's easy to set up! From your mobile device, download the HOVER app (Apple App Store | Google Play) and follow the app's prompts to set up your account.
  2. Connect your HOVER Account to WimsattDirect
    1. In WimsattDirect, navigate to Orders > HOVER, and click on the button Authorize Access to your HOVER Jobs.
    2. You'll be taken to HOVER's site and asked to authorize the connection from your HOVER account to your WimsattDirect account.
      Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 7.47.57 AM

    3. Once you authorize the connection, you'll be taken back to the WimsattDirect HOVER page, where all your HOVER jobs will now be listed and available for QuickOrders.
  3. Set Up One-Click Ordering
    1. Review your Ordering from Measurements preferences to fine-tune your shingle waste factor and other variables. You can change these at any time from the HOVER page in WimsattDirect or in Account > Ordering From Measurements.
    2. Have you set up your default QuickOrder form? If so, you're all set! If not, check out our QuickOrder announcement for details on how to set up your own customized roofing order form, with YOUR product preferences!

After completing these steps, you're be able to order discounted HOVER measurements on your Wimsatt account and create material lists quickly and easily from HOVER measurements. Talk to your Territory Manager today to learn more!

NOTE that the following items are NOT calculated from HOVER measurements, and must be manually added to the QuickOrder if desired: soil pipe flashings & covers, OSB, can vents, intake ventilation, and rake edge for low slope roof sections. Additionally, any items you removed from your QuickOrder template are not calculated; i.e. if you only put shingles and cap on your template, then only shingles and cap would be calculated.

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