Create your own shingle job order form and begin placing quick orders in 2 easy steps!

We're happy to announce a major new feature on WimsattDirect: QuickOrders! Now you can design customized roofing job order forms called QuickOrder Templates - which allow you to create a roofing order form tailored to YOUR product preferences! Having a custom order form built just for your business saves you time and effort placing orders. It's an easy 2-step process:

QO-prefsStep 1: Create Your QuickOrder Template(s)

Account Admins can click on the Account link and go to QuickOrder Preferences. Here is where you design your QuickOrder Template, selecting a shingle and the accessories you prefer on your typical orders. Don't worry - you can always select alternatives on the order form when you go to place your order. For quick order entry, you can even de-select the roofing items you don't want to bother showing on your form. You can create as many QuickOrder Templates as you like! Some suggested arrangements:

  • Warranted vs. Non-Warranted: One template for your preferred shingle manufacturer with their branded accessories for warranty jobs, and another for a second choice shingle with generic accessories
  • Best/Better/Good: One template each for Best/Better/Good selling scenarios, with premium shingles and accessories in your Best template and economy items in your Good template

QO-enterStep 2: Start Placing QuickOrders!

When you're ready to place an order, select Roofing QuickOrder from the Order Menu, and all of your specified products are loaded so that you can just enter quantities and go! Get a roof order placed in as few clicks as possible:

  1. Select a shingle color; WimsattDirect automatically selects the appropriate cap shingle
  2. Select a Metals/Accessories color; WimsattDirect automatically selects the matching vents, flashing, and caulk
  3. Your preferred accessory products are pre-selected; click the drop downs to select alternate items if desired
  4. Enter your quantities
  5. Select delivery type, enter a PO, and go!

Less Clicks = More Productivity

When WimsattDirect launched in January, it introduced the ability for Wimsatt credit customers to place orders online. Now with QuickOrders, shingle job orders are easier and more convenient to place than ever! Contact your Territory Manager for a FREE demo today!

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