Composite Decks Lead The Way in Upscale Outdoor Living


Here in the midwest, homeowners place a high value their outdoor living spaces. Decks are a great way to extend the home's living space to the outdoors. In fact, our abundance of natural lakes, rolling hills, and captivating scenery have helped to make Michigan one of the top decking markets in the country*. More and more property owners are opting for composite lumber decks instead of traditional treated lumber** to create the premium, ultra-low maintenance outdoor living space that best suits their lifestyle.

Continued Innovation in Premium Decks

1805-trexdecklighting1One of the more recent innovations in the composite deck space is the availability of deck lighting products. Deck lighting creates an attractive ambiance that extends the usability of the deck well into the evening. As LED lighting technology has advanced in the last ten+ years, many affordable solar and wired solutions have come to market for deck and landscape lighting. While solar technology is great for its ease of installation, the quality of solar lights varies wildly by manufacturer and application. I've personally installed (and un-installed) deck rail post-mounted solar lights that didn't capture enough sun to last long in the evening, as well as expensive post cap solar lights that only lasted two seasons. But I've also installed solar landscape lights that routinely shine all night long!

Deck builders and homeowners alike are not going to want to invest in a lighting solution for their composite deck that performs inconsistently or fails early. That's why many pursue a wired option. However, a custom solution tied in to the home's wiring can get quite costly, as an electrician must be contracted to perform the work.

Deck Lighting Becomes Plug-And-Play

1805-trexsignaturelightingTo overcome this obstacle, many manufacturers have developed plug-and-play lighting systems that feature modular components and a transformer which allows you to plug the system into an exterior outlet - eliminating the need for specialized tools or electrical work! This can be quite appealing to the DIYer as well as a boon for decking contractors that want to offer deck lighting as an upgrade option, without the additional cost and time involved in contracting with an electrician.

As the market leader in composite decking, Trex is uniquely positioned to offer a deck lighting system that capitalizes on their brand recognition and integrates with their offerings. To seamlessly fit into your Trex deck design, their post cap lights, rail lights, and riser lights are available in the same black, white, and bronze finishes as Trex Signature aluminum rail. Post cap lights are also available in all Trex Transcend colors.

1805-Trex-Decklighting-Diagram-final-w-calloutsInstallers appreciate the LightHub connection system that literally installs in a snap with no wiring or electrical skills needed. Lights plug into hubs via lead wires, which are then connected to a transformer via a longer length plug-in wire. The transformer is connected to a timer, which plugs into a nearby exterior outlet. there are two sizes of transformer; Trex provides an online calculator tool to help you determine which one is appropriate for your installation. A remote dimmer can be added to enhance the system. (You can view the various components of the system on the Trex Deck Lighting page of the Wimsatt catalog.)

1805-trexdecklightingstairsIf you're going through the effort and expense to enhance a deck with lighting products, you're going to want assurances that the system will perform as expected. Backed by a 7-year Trex warranty, Trex Deck Lighting's guarantee provides peace of mind that far exceeds what you're likely to find at your local home center.

As homeowner expectations rise for what's possible in premium decking, Trex has responded with a well-thought-out system that DIYers and deck builders will appreciate. If you're looking to extend the enjoyment of your next deck project into the evenings and create a truly distinctive outdoor living space, it's never been a better time to incorporate deck lighting.


Images provided by Trex Company
*Per Trex Company data
**Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.6% through 2020, per MarketsandMarkets

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