Metal Roofing for the Shingle Roofer

Metal Panel Roofing Provides Premium Roof With Vinyl Siding-Like Installation

While metal roofing is often regarded as a vastly different animal from shingle roofing, the similarities between installing metal panel roofing and vinyl siding can make it much more familiar to the roofing and siding installation professional than one would think. This month we sat down with Jim Nezbeth, Ohio Valley Regional Manager of DECRA Roofing Systems, to demystify the opportunity in metal panel roofing.

Decra XD install trainingWimsatt: Installing metal roofing could be intimidating to a roofing contractor that is normally only used to working with shingles.  Can you explain how metal panel roofing like DECRA Shingle XD and Shake XD can be more relatable to the average roofer than traditional forms of metal roofing like standing seam?

Jim:  I often compare installing stone coated metal roofing to riding a bike… You can expect to struggle at first, as many installers tend to “over think” (over steer) the installation process. It is so important to get the first few rows correct/square, making the balance of the job flow smoothly. Take Your Time!

With the “look of asphalt or cedar” being the premier architectural style in our market, DECRA Shingle XD/Shake XD provides the homeowner the opportunity to maintain the appearance of their home (as it was originally designed) while adding the strength and long-term performance of steel.

Wimsatt: Metal panel roofing carries a premium over the cost of standard asphalt shingles.  A roofing contractor that typically sells asphalt could use metal panel roofing as an upgrade opportunity, or the “Best” alternative in abest-better-good selling scenario.  How should a roofing contractor sell the benefits of metal panel roofing versus standard asphalt shingles?

In-home salesJim: “Show It!” Often remodelers assume they know what the homeowner wants or can afford, and lead their in-home presentations based on this. I encourage remodelers to bring a panel/piece/display board of DECRA with them on each and every call. Allow them to touch and feel the product, and more importantly ask questions. For a comprehensive list of most commonly asked questions, visit

A DECRA roof offers more value for your money. With a minimum 50 year life expectancy, you would have to purchase and install 2-1/2 shingle roofs for the cost of one DECRA roof. Like most products you buy, "you get what you pay for." A DECRA roof offers more for your money. It is no bargain to put two roofs on your house because the first one was "cheaper" and subsequently failed. A DECRA roof can last a lifetime. DECRA is also quite durable because the aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel enhances the superior weathering and corrosion resistance of each roofing panel.

DECRA Shake XD in PinnacleGreyWimsatt: There are several manufacturers that offer steel panel roofing.  What are the advantages of DECRA’s unique stone-coated approach?

Jim: As the original stone coated steel manufacturer, our products have been proven around the world in more than 120 countries since 1957. The best in the industry. DECRA Roofing Systems carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty including 120 mph winds, hail penetration for any size hail and manufacturing defects - including excessive granule loss. In addition, material and labor are covered for the first 20 years; after that time, material is covered for the remaining warranty period.

Jim Nezbeth, DECRA Metal Roofing SystemsWimsatt: How long have you been with DECRA Roofing Systems, and what do you like most about your job? 

Jim: Just finishing my 2nd Year of employment @ DECRA. I first entered the building products industry in May, 1999 (20 Years). So many products in the industry have become a commodity, often sold primarily on price. DECRA Stone Coated Metal offers me, my distributors and contractors the opportunity to show something different, a premium product that offers the features and benefits that today’s homeowner is looking for.


To educate professional contractors about the opportunity in steel panel roofing, Wimsatt is hosting DECRA DAYS hands-on installation training events this month in Lansing, Saginaw, and Traverse City. Learn how to sell the features and benefits of DECRA Metal Roofing and train with hands-on installation techniques provided by DECRA's experienced training team! These events are FREE to professional contractors but space is limited. RSVP today at!


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