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08, August

Learn How to Build Your Brand this August

Best Practices with Atlas Roofing's Director of Marketing

This August, we've partnered with Atlas Roofing Corporation to put together a special seminar...

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25, July

Pioneers of Unassisted Rooftop Delivery

Providing the Grunt Work to Free Up Roofing Crew Labor

With today's labor shortage top-of-mind for many roofing contractors, utilizing suppliers'...

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11, July

Add Stone to your Exteriors - No Mortar Required!

Accenting Exteriors with the Bold Look of Stone

In the last few years, we've seen a trend towards increased used of mixed materials and colors on...

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22, June

Emerging Siding Trend: Vinyl Variety

Exteriors are Getting More Expressive

On this blog we've talked many times about the popularity of dark siding colors. Today we're taking a look at...

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18, June

Top 5 Shake- and Slate- Look Shingles in Michigan

A Look at the Most Popular Specialty Shingles in the Great Lakes State

Specialty Shingles give roofers and builders the opportunity to craft a roof...

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