The Remodeler's Path to Higher Profit with Specialty Shingles

In our last blog, we explored the opportunity for Builders to increase sales and profit with the use of Specialty Shingles. The sales processes for the new home builder and the remodeler are quite different, and so this time around we explore the opportunity for higher sales and better margins with premium roofing in the remodeling space…

3 Benefits to Leading Your Pitch With Specialty Shingles

A question for Remodelers and Roofing Contractors: Why lead with your economy offering, or worse, just offer one roof replacement option?  If you lead with a high-end option, you open the door to higher, more profitable sales:

1711-HI-Belmont.jpgEstablish Your Brand. 

You’ll position yourself as a premium roofing company, which will appeal to homeowners looking for quality and curb appeal.  Additionally, if they shop your high-end offering, roofers that don’t normally handle specialty shingles may be caught flat-footed when asked to bid, casting doubt on their offering.


OC_PPC_cntrcplseatd__t8-1.jpgIncrease your Close Rate. 

Offering high end products first – a “Best-Better-Good” selling strategy – with the opportunity to downgrade if price is an objection – can lead to more high end sales, as “downgrading” is a less appealing option than simply electing not to “upgrade” to a specialty shingle.  Homeowners don’t typically look forward to the necessity of replacing their roof – so frame it as an improvement rather than a replacement.  The investment in a specialty shingle doesn’t just provide an adequate roof system; it increases the curb appeal and resale value of the home.


1711-BBG.jpgLimit Price Shopping. 

Homeowners will be less apt to price shop when you provide multiple options.  If you offer one price, then the homeowner will likely feel compelled to get many additional quotes for comparison.  If you offer two or three options, you’ve given them two or three prices to compare already and they may limit their shopping. 


Remodlers and roofing contractors that incorporate specialty shingles into their sales process will benefit from a higher brand perception, differentiation from competitors, and the opportunity to earn higher, more profitable sales. Close more deals at a higher margin when you lead with specialty shingles!


Wimsatt Building Materials is your source for specialty shingles.  We have eight unique offerings from CertainTeed and GAF in stock - CertainTeed Highland Slate, Independence, Belmont, Presidential Shake, Grand Manor, and GAF Camelot II, Grand Sequoia, and Woodland.  With plenty of sales aids at your disposal,  we can provide you with the expertise you need to help close the sale.  Ready to get started?  Ask your Wimsatt Salesperson about Specialty Shingles today!

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