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What is the Gold Standard Post and Why is it Important?

Wimsatt Building Materials has published a printed industry newsletter since 2006.  Entitled the Gold Standard Post, it’s mailed monthly to professional contractors in Michigan and Northern Ohio.  Over the years, the GSP’s mission has been to keep roofers, siding and window contractors, home improvement specialists, remodelers, and builders informed on topics related to the exterior building materials industry.  We’re excited to announce that starting with the June issue, the Gold Standard Post is now available via email!

Advantages of the digital GSP:

  • Delivery in a responsive, optimized, mobile-friendly email format that makes it easy to review on a smartphone
  • Product features are linked to our product catalog for greater product detail
  • Complete details on manufacturer promotions, including enrollment forms, terms, and conditions
  • Emailed at the beginning of every month, no waiting for mail delivery

Packed with Products.

Wimsatt is well-known for expertise in residential steep slope roofing and unassisted rooftop delivery.  But we also stock and deliver products in several other categories of exterior building materials, and the GSP has features every month on each of our major product groups, including:


  • Steep Slope/Residential Roofing: asphalt shingles, metal roofing, synthetic slate
  • Low Slope/Commercial Roofing: APP, BUR, EPDM, TPO, PVC
  • Exterior Cladding: Vinyl siding, polymer shakes, fiber cement siding, manufactured stone
  • Windows & Doors: wood windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass door systems
  • General Building Materials: composite decking, insulation

Covering trends in building product technology and upselling opportunities presented by new product offerings, the GSP is packed with need-to-know product info designed to arm your salespeople with a competitive advantage.


Manufacturers’ Market Intelligence.

In addition to product information, we strive to keep contractors competitive by communicating manufacturer-announced price increases, which signal potential upcoming changes in pricing due to increases in raw material cost, transportation, and other economic factors.  You can use manufacturer price increase letters to plan your pricing strategy and justify tighter timeframes for your bids.  (You can also find a list of current manufacturer price increase letters on our site here.)

Opportunities to Learn and Opportunities to Earn.


Wimsatt hosts free seminars and trade shows for the professional contractor.  Our focus is on continuous improvement.  Our industry isn’t standing still – new products, technologies, and ways of doing business 

are constantly emerging.  We stay on top of these developments to provide you with opportunities to learn and apply new concepts to your business.  Stay informed of upcoming events with the GSP!

We typically also feature promotions in GSP, ranging from manufacturer rebate programs to new product introductions that allow you to make more on every sale.  Sometimes we develop promotions that aren’t product-related, but are really just another way for us to thank you for your business – like giving away free pumpkin pies in October (no kidding!)


Now that we’ve gone digital with the GSP Email Edition, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to stay on top of exterior building materials news.  Sign up for the Gold Standard Post and Subscribe today!


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