Things That Change With the Seasons [and Things That Don't]

As we head into fall, what is your supplier doing to prepare for your winter business?

Every fall, we're reminded of the cyclical nature of the midwestern building and remodeling industry. The kids are back in school and homeowners are looking to wrap up home improvement projects before winter sets in. After the fall rush, the trees change colors, hunting season & the holidays arrive, and work slows down (a bit) from its breakneck pace.


Our Hours Never Waver.

If your company has been impacted by our industry's labor shortage this year, you may have business booked out further beyond the fall than you normally would. Additionally, the ongoing economic recovery may provide more opportunities for work this winter than usual. Rest assured - if you're working this winter, Wimsatt will be here to support your business! While other distributors have already begun to scale back their hours of operation, we don't trim our hours in the winter; you can rely on us for delivery, will-call pickup, and access to our showrooms year-round from 7am-5pm on weekdays and 7am-12pm on Saturdays.

Our Capabilities Don't Change.

With our versatile fleet of conveyor trucks, rear-mounted cranes, boom trucks, Skytraks, and tail-mounted forklifts, we have the right tool to reliably deliver your next job. But equipment is only one part of the capability story. We have the right people and procedures in place to handle your work regardless of seasonal or jobsite challenges - because weather should never be an excuse to delay or decline a delivery. That's why our delivery teams undergo seasonal delivery training and travel with calcium chloride & snow rakes during the winter to handle deliveries in poor conditions.

Our Commitment to Support Your Business Remains The Same.

Some salespeople in distribution may pop up now and again with little value to offer, asking for opportunities to bid on orders. That's them asking you for a favor, by the way. At Wimsatt, we don't believe the order-taker mentality builds rapport. We appreciate that your time is valuable, and that's why the primary role of our Territory Managers is to be a resource for your company; someone you can count on for product knowledge and sales expertise; a partner you can trust to bring you the market intelligence and product opportunities that can help you excel at what you do. If we happen to sell some product along the way, that's great too! Taking the long-term view has allowed us to foster relationships with customers that span generations.

As we enjoy the fall colors that come with the change of seasons, consider one color in particular when you plan your upcoming work. This winter, hold your supplier expectations to a higher standard... The Gold Standard.

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