Turn EagleView Reports into Material Orders at the Click of a Button!

WimsattDirect introduces one-click QuickOrder functionality with EagleView Reports

Since we launched the WimsattDirect customer portal back in early 2019, customers have been able to place orders for EagleView reports directly from the portal, obtain Silver Level pricing, and enjoy the convenience of report billing on their Wimsatt account. Today we're excited to announce a new integration with EagleView that delivers even more value for roofing contractors!

Convert EagleView measurements into material lists with the QuickOrder button.Enhanced EagleView Report Visibility

Report Orders that customers place through WimsattDirect are listed on the new EagleView reports page (Just navigate to Orders -> EagleView in your portal account). You can now refer back to previous reports and download them directly from within your account!

Turn EagleView Reports into QuickOrders

When we launched QuickOrders last summer, it provided roofing contractors with a quick and easy way to create a roofing order form template the way they want - selecting the shingles and accessories they use most on every order. Once the template is created, it's just a few clicks to enter shingle color and product quantities for ordering roof jobs.

Now, customers can convert EagleView measurements into a QuickOrder material list at the press of a button! Just click the yellow QuickOrder button next to any completed EagleView premium residential report to populate your QuickOrder form in seconds with material quantities based on the report measurements and your preferences!

You can adjust your calculation preferences under Account -> Ordering from Measurements. here you can review how materials are calculated and customize:

  • Shingle waste factor
  • Number of courses of ice & water protection you use at the eaves
  • Whether you use starter at the rakes
  • How many extra sticks of drip edge per job
  • How many squares a carton of coil nails covers
  • How many squares a carton of staples covers
  • Default number of pipe flashings per job
  • How many squares a tube of caulk covers

Using WimsattDirect to combine EagleView measurements with your ordering preferences allows you to quickly and conveniently calculate material lists for your roofing jobs. Talk to your Territory Manager today about leveraging this exciting new functionality!

NOTE that the following items are NOT calculated from EagleView reports, and must be manually added to the QuickOrder if desired: soil pipe flashings & covers, OSB, can vents, intake ventilation. Additionally, any items you removed from your QuickOrder template are not calculated; i.e. if you only put shingles and cap on your template, then only shingles and cap would be calculated.

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