Fostering Mentorships for Wayne's Youth

Champions of Wayne helps Students Set and Meet Personal Goals

9/26/19 - To help Wayne Memorial High School students set personal goals and achieve them, Champions of Wayne pairs them with adult mentors that help guide them on a path to success. In this innovative educational program, mentors meet with their students on a regular basis to discuss academic progress and challenges. Realistic goals are set for every participating student, giving them measurable steps to success. All students are encouraged to participate in the program, and goals can range from achieving a certain GPA to maintaining high attendance. Students that meet their GPA goal for the semester are awarded with a $200 check, presented at an end-of-semester awards banquet.

Champions of Wayne

Having mentors that meet with the students regularly to coach them on their progress increases their accountability and helps them succeed. To raise funds for the program, Champions of Wayne hosts bi-annual movie premieres at the State-Wayne Theater, typically focusing on films whose subject or production team has ties to the local area.

The mission of Champions of Wayne is to provide support to Wayne Memorial High School students by giving them a better chance of success.  Wimsatt Building Materials believes strongly in that mission, and we're proud to sponsor their fund raisers every year. This year's red carpet events featured a hockey theme, with screenings of The Russian Five and Willie.  The 2019 Willie premiere and the Champions of Wayne program were covered extensively in this article from Hometown Life.

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