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The Toledo community suffered the loss of Police Officer Anthony Dia, aged 26, July 4th 2020 in a Home Depot parking lot during a wellness check (Read More on Officer Dia here).  

Officer Dia's death fell on the anniversary of the day Retired Officer William Coder awoke from his coma after being struck during a traffic stop in 1974. Coder was unable to continue his work as an Officer and retired on permanent disability less than a year later. Now aged 85, Coder attended Dia's funeral with 600 other Toledo Officials and Officers, hearing the inspirational words of Police Chief George Kral. Kral spoke to Dia's family with great words of encouragement, stating that they would never be alone and have the support of the Toledo Police. The community and family will forever be changed because of the events on July 4th 2020.

Back in 1974, William Coder did not receive the same support from the administration of his department after his accident, and now in his older years, has been left unable to maintain some aspects of his home. After a softly written letter explaining Coder's situation, the Toledo Community and Police Officers took action thanks to the Facebook Group "We Support Toledo Police.


In the wake of Dia's death, the community stirred with remembrance and justice for all of their Officers, and with honed efforts, the cherished Facebook group rallied the charge to help Coder.

When customer Mike Gonzales of Professional Roofing Systems got involved and reached out to Josh Shirey and Eric Wachowiak of our Toledo Branch, they were happy to help.

Josh called Eric Walton of Owens Corning to see if they were able to help too. Eric made a couple of calls and was able to donate all of the shingles, cap, and synthetic felt for the retired Officer's roof. Wimsatt Toledo itself donated the ice guard, nails, drip edge, staples, flashing, and provided the Rooftop Delivery Service. Thanks to everyone's efforts to organize supplies and labor, Coder received a brand new roof for his home!

After the tragic loss of Officer Dia, our hearts go out to the Toledo community. We are proud to rally around our Public Service Members, especially in their time of need. Thank you to everyone involved in restoring Officer Coder's roof and we send our deepest condolences to the Dia Family and Toledo Police.



In Loving Memory of Officer Anthony Dia
(1994-2020 - Officer Anthony Dia, right, pictured with Chief George Kral, left)

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