As we gather gifts for our loved ones this holiday season, we should consider purchasing an extra toy or gift for a child out there in our community. When we donate to charities like Toys for Tots, we're not just donating a toy, we're really giving children hope for their future. We're giving them a moment where they are proven to be valued and their spirits are lifted.

Our family has been conspiring for weeks leading up to Christmas to gather toys and pool funds for the youngsters. Every year, everyone descends on my Grandmother's house with gifts and food in tow. Her living room turns into a flurry of wrapping paper scattered everywhere under a 12 foot Christmas tree with joyful kids all around. Not everyone has an experience like this with the holiday season. In fact, some don't have a holiday experience at all.

At our branches we've been setting up to collect donations for Toys for Tots. We've had some time to look at the stories that they've collected over the years from volunteers and recipients alike. It's been absolutely gut-wrenching to read.

There's an astronomical amount of kids in our communities that face a level of adversity where not a single gift can be given to them at Christmas time.


 The holiday experience of giving and receiving gifts that we cherish so wholeheartedly could be missed by those kids if not for organizations like Toys for Tots. Giving a gift to a child is a practice in our society that shows our children we love and value them.

The mission is honest and we're ready to help.

We want you to join us, and all it takes is one single toy.

All of our 8 branches are collecting
unwrapped toys through Friday, December 13th

toys-for-toys-guidelinesBe mindful that both boys & girls, ages newborn to 12, all need to be considered when purchasing gifts.

toys-for-toys-guidelines2Toys depicting weapons or containing food cannot be accepted by Toys for Tots.
toys-for-toys-guidelines3Toys for Tots makes no recommendations for what should be donated, but consider what you think would be an appropriate gift for your own child/relative.

Thank you and we wish you and yours a joyous holiday!


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