What if your Distributor could assist in Financial Planning?

Sounds crazy, right? But consider this scenario...

Ongoing labor challenges make it difficult to complete all the jobs you've booked in the past year. Let's say you end up deferring 10 sold roof jobs from last year into this year. Example:

10 jobs @ $10K in sales * 30% gross margin = 

That's right, lost - not deferred. While you'll complete those jobs the following year, it will be at the expense of other jobs you could have booked for that time period, given the time constraints imposed by the availability of labor.  We used to look at deferred jobs as a launchpad to kick-start the next season.  Not anymore... when labor constrains volume, it's a bottleneck that's costing you more sales.

Senior couple using electronic tablet at homeNow let's say you were working to transition the business and retire in about ten years.  Think about what you could have done with that extra $30,000/year:

$30K/yr invested over 10 years w/avg 11% return =

So how do we pull those deferred jobs back into the season they were sold and retain that profit? If available labor is limited, then we need to be more efficient with our crews' time to increase capacity... and that's where your distributor partner comes in.

The Gold Standard saves your crew time... so they can install more roofs

Unassisted rooftop delivery - new construction with boom truckWimsatt has worked tirelessly to refine the art of unassisted rooftop delivery since introducing to our market over 30 years ago. We consulted with engineers to perfect the formula for the placement of shingles - based on truss load capacities and roofers' preference on the spread of materials - to make your jobs safer and more convenient. By painstakingly spreading material out on all planes of the roof, we allow your crew to spend more time installing product and less time moving product around - saving anywhere from 30-60 minutes of labor.

45 min saved * 10 jobs/mo = 7.5 hrs (one add'l job/mo)

If you save an average of 45 minutes of install time on every roof, and complete 10 jobs per month - that would save about 7.5 hours a month... that's one more work day, enough time to squeeze in another job. And there it is - increased capacity for 12 more jobs in the calendar year, so you don't have to defer that work for the next season.

Unassisted rooftop delivery - remodelThis is just one hypothetical scenario, and every contractor's business looks different. But every business owner has goals, and we want to help you achieve yours. We can help you defer less work with the Gold Standard for Unassisted Rooftop Delivery.

*With a starting amount of $30,000, nine subsequent annual contributions of $30,000, and a return rate of 11%, total interest earned is $201,660.27. You can examine any scenario using tools like this online investment calculator. Consult your financial advisor to determine what investment strategy makes sense for you.

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